Iowa scream has Dean looking like a real doll

Times Staff Writer

Howard Dean’s infamous Iowa scream is being immortalized in plastic. A Connecticut company that specializes in celebrity action figures has just unveiled a howling Dean doll.

The $36 “Mean Dean” action figure is the latest in a series of inspired-by-current-events dolls from Other products include a captured Saddam Hussein doll (complete with long beard and ace of spades T-shirt), a talking Governator action figure (“I will go to Sacramento and I will clean house”), a miniature George W. Bush in Baghdad (“I was just looking for a warm meal somewhere”), Osama bin Laden and a Michael Jackson figurine dangling his child from a hotel balcony.

The 12-inch-tall Howard Dean doll, teeth bared and wearing a black shirt emblazoned with a Confederate flag, comes in three versions. One contains a voice chip of the Democratic presidential candidate’s manic rant about going to South Dakota, Michigan, Oregon and a litany of other states, followed by his weird yodel-scream.

Another features a recording of his controversial comment that “white folks in the South that drive pickup trucks with Confederate-flag decals in the back ought to be voting with us.”

A silent version of the doll is also available, for $25. The Dean action figures will be available Feb. 25.