Rock not asked back as Oscar host

Every Thursday, “Everybody Hates Chris” on UPN. But does Oscar?

Chris Rock may have hurt Hollywood’s feelings (just a little) this year when he hosted the Academy Awards and made fun of some of Tinseltown’s hot stars -- Jude Law, Colin Farrell, Tobey Maguire -- but that’s not why he won’t be returning for an encore on March 5.

With the exception of Billy Crystal, who has hosted it several times consecutively, the position these days is meant to revolve, giving other familiar voices, such as Steve Martin and Whoopi Goldberg, a chance to reflect the mood of the country as well as celebrate the year in film.

On Friday, Rock’s publicist, Matt Labov, said Rock has not been asked to reprise his role.


“He’s fine with it,” Labov said. “It’s something he may want to do down the road. But it’s fine with him. He has other things he’s doing. He never set out to make this an annual gig.”

A spokesman for the academy declined to comment, and producer Gil Cates could not be reached. The announcement of next year’s Oscar host is expected in the next few weeks.

-- Maria Elena Fernandez