Push, plump, peep

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At this year's Oscars, when actresses are asked, "Who are you wearing?" some of them may say, "Frederick's of Hollywood."

OK, maybe that's a stretch. But two hot Hollywood stylists -- Cristina Ehrlich and Estee Stanley -- have collaborated with the lingerie company to create the first Premiere Line of shapers that are sure to be boosting bosoms and rounding out tushies under all those glam gowns this awards season.

"It's like having your own personal stylist," Ehrlich says of their line of nonsurgical figure enhancers, such as breast pick-me-ups and cover-me-ups, and tummy-tightening panties.

Ehrlich and Stanley, whose celebrity clients include Paris Hilton, Eva Mendes, Jessica Biel, Halle Berry, Penelope Cruz, Katie Holmes, Sandra Oh, Kate Winslet, Amy Adams and Drew Barrymore, got tired of frantically cutting up pantyhose, wadding cotton balls and using gaffer's tape at the last minute to make sure their gals looked good -- and discreet -- in strapless, backless or sheer gowns.

"These are tools we've designed that can make you feel more comfortable and try a new way of dressing," Ehrlich adds. "If you have big [breasts], you can still wear backless. You can also wear a sheer top without worrying about nipples showing."

Not to mention the bottom line: They can give any rear end a shape-up. The coolest part of these silicone bits -- what the designers call "cutlets" -- is that because they're not latex, as most of the old-fashioned ones were, they stick -- and stay -- on the body.

Elizabeth Snead writes the Styles & Scenes daily blog at TheEnvelope.com.

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