The Times' coverage of Mayor Villaraigosa

Re "Time to get over Antonio," Outside the Tent column, Current, July 2

Daniel Hernandez ineptly whines as much about L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's active personal involvement with city matters as he does about The Times' reporting. It's been decades since Los Angeles had a mayor so willing to step out of his protective office and be so accessible, working on the difficult job of pulling the fragmented city together. That is news. The mayor openly addresses the city's myriad problems, even taking on "sacred cows." That is news.

Because The Times exists to report news, does Hernandez not realize what he is saying? He is criticizing the mayor, and The Times, for doing their jobs.


Studio City


I was relieved to read Hernandez's article, in which he details the favoritism The Times appears to demonstrate toward Villaraigosa.

Apparently the paper's writers had acquired habitual negative attitudes toward mayors who, until now, weren't worthy symbols of whatever it is that they thought an L.A. mayor ought to be.

Frankly, I'm sick and tired of The Times' constant promotion of Villaraigosa, who is by no means any miracle.



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