It's a Short Title Reign for Sturm

From the Associated Press

Spain's Javier Castillejo stopped Germany's Felix Sturm in the 10th round to win the WBA middleweight title Saturday.

Sturm, making his first title defense, was headed to a one-sided win until Castillejo caught him with a left hook against the ropes with 13 seconds left in the round. Castillejo, a former WBC junior-middleweight champion, then hit Sturm with three uppercuts before the referee called it.

Sturm (27-2, 11 knockouts) was taken to a hospital with what appeared to be a broken jaw, the ring doctor said. He said the injury could have happened in the second round when the German also was knocked down.

From the fourth round on, Sturm won every round by sniping from the outside, and appeared to be coasting to victory against Castillejo (61-6, 41 knockouts). But Sturm paid for it in the 10th when he elected to go toe to toe with the 38-year-old Spaniard, in his 26th title fight.

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