Vero to zero?

Mr. Bill Plaschke [Feb. 10] will soon enough get to see how homogenized spring training has become outside the hallowed grounds of Dodgertown.

When the Dodgers move to the soulless strip malls of Glendale, Ariz., their new complex will no doubt resemble the rest of the plastic minor league dungeons of the Cactus League. There will be no open access strolling through practice fields and seeing scenes like Steve Yeager teaching double-A journeymen how to block the plate. No opportunity to take a photo at the intersection of Vin Scully Way and Avenida Jaime Jarrin. No sightings of Manny Mota riding off on his beach cruiser after the game to get back to the practice fields. No grassy berm to sit on under the swinging palms in left field. No heart-shaped lake.

Just another cookie-cutter ballpark that could be anywhere and is clearly no Dodgertown.

Nick Howell


San Marino