at New Orleans 31, San Francisco 17: After the game, McAllister gets a call from Roger Craig. Unfortunately, it was the old Giants manager, not the former 49ers great.

at Tampa Bay 30, Green Bay 21: Aaron Rodgers shows that he can make wild throws that are intercepted at the end of games just as well as Brett Favre did.

at Jacksonville 30, Houston 27 (OT): You know it’s going to be a long season when you score on your last five possessions in regulation and still lose.

at Carolina 24, Atlanta 9: Ed Hochuli finds himself in another controversy. On way home after game, he took 11 items through 10-items-or-less aisle at a grocery store.


at N.Y. Jets 56, Arizona 35: After the game, a confused Brett Favre dedicates his six touchdowns to the wonderful fans they had Sunday at Lambeau Field.

Cleveland 20, at Cincinnati 12: After his team drops to 0-4, Carson Palmer thinks to himself: “This must be what it would have been like to play for UCLA.”

at Tennessee 30, Minnesota 17: LenDale White scores a touchdown in fourth straight game, says he hasn’t been this satisfied since eating that entire turkey.

at Kansas City 33, Denver 19: Shouldn’t losing to a team that had been defeated 12 consecutive games count as two losses on your record?


San Diego 28, at Oakland 18: Oh, goody. With an open date next week, now we can suffer through two weeks of “Lane Kiffin will be fired” rumors.

Buffalo 31, at St. Louis 14: Disgruntled fans in St. Louis start a collection to buy the team and send it back to Los Angeles.

Washington 26, at Dallas 24: Tony Romo is 1-3 against Washington, 22-6 against everyone else. Could the Redskins be Jessica Simpson’s favorite team?

at Chicago 24, Philadelphia 20: Kyle Orton and the Bears tried to give away another game and failed. But you have to admire the effort.