No longer available on EBay: Mediocre English soccer team

Not news: an English soccer team, up for sale.

News: an English soccer team, up for sale on EBay.

Fans of Tranmere Rovers were bemused to find their club up for sale on the popular online auction site, a move prompting an angry response from owner Peter Johnson.

Earlier this year, Johnson appointed American firm Dornoch Capital to find a buyer for the club but said on Friday he was shocked to discover it had been listed on the website for 6 million pounds (about $10 million U.S.).

A statement on the Rovers' website said Johnson told Dornoch Capital to pull the advertisement immediately.

"This is not a secondhand bike we're selling," Johnson was quoted saying in the Daily Mail.

No, just a midlevel club in England's third division.


Trivia time

Which major league pitcher hit three home runs in one game?


The cost of body art

Note to NBA players everywhere: Think carefully before you commit your next body part to a new tattoo.

Orlando Magic backup center Marcin Gortat cost himself a contract with Reebok, and a lot of free shoes, because he has a red Air Jordan tattoo on his calf. During the NBA Finals, Reebok asked Gortat to cover up the Nike ad, but Gortat declined, saying the company didn't care about it when he signed a contract with Reebok and didn't pay him enough to remove it.

So the tattoo remains on Gortat's leg. And the free shoes remain at Reebok.


T.O. mania

He hasn't played a game for the Buffalo Bills yet, and the Bills have yet to lose a regular-season game with him in the lineup, so receiver Terrell Owens' love affair with the city of Buffalo, N.Y., continues.

Until recently, Owens' presence could be felt everywhere this side of a supermarket. But now, even the cereal aisle provides no sanctuary from T.O. mania.

Yes, now for sale in the Buffalo area is a cereal called, of course, T.O.s. The cereal looks like Cheerios and has a honey nut flavor and, well, supply your own punch line here.


Trivia answer

Jim Tobin of the Boston Braves on May 13, 1942, against the Chicago Cubs.

(Question and answer provided by reader Alan Oken of Los Angeles.)


And finally

From comedy writer Jerry Perisho, after California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said "the good, the bad and the ugly" pretty much described the state budget he signed: "Sounds like he's funding the Lakers, the Warriors and the Clippers."


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