You’ll smile, maybe cry



Johanna Spryi

This is my favorite book. It is sad and happy. I love all the characters because I can relate to them so well. Heidi and her grandfather have such love for each other. It is such a good story, it can even make you cry, if you are into it. I read it three times!

Reviewed by Angelina, 4th grade

Helmers Elementary



“Aliens Don’t Wear Braces”

Debbie Dadey and Marcia T. Jones

Did an alien ever steal your color? Well, this alien did. One day at Bailey Elementary, the power shuts off, and then comes back on again. It was caused by a girl alien named Mrs. Zork -- who stole all the color. After school, Eddie and his friends find Mrs. Zork’s house. Read the book and find out what happens next.

Reviewed by Eric, 8

Trabuco Mesa Elementary

Rancho Santa Margarita


“Help! I’m Trapped in My Lunch Lady’s Body”

Todd Strasser

Jake, Josh and Andy get changed into lunch ladies by these things called mini-Dits. Will the lunch ladies be stuck in their bodies forever? Read this funny story to find out.


Reviewed by Amanda, 8

Glenoaks Elementary



“The Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk”

Donald J. Sobol

The Wright brothers attempted to build a flying machine. In the beginning, Wilbur Wright arrived in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, and asked about a place called Kitty Hawk. He found a sailor who took him there. Wilbur’s older brother Orville went with him and started to build a machine that could glide through the air.

If you want to learn more about the Wright brothers’ invention, you have to read the book. I recommend this for fourth graders on up, because some of the reading might be complicated for younger readers. I give this book four stars.

Reviewed by Sarah, 9

R. D. White Elementary