Chips definitely not down for Farmar

So you’re the backup point guard for the newly crowned NBA champions. How are you planning to spend your post-title summer?

For Jordan Farmar, the answer is: playing golf and poker.

On July 20, he will host the Jordan Farmar Celebrity Golf Classic at Sherwood Country Club, with Jack Nicholson. Luke Walton and Trevor Ariza are among the participants. All proceeds will go to the Jordan Farmar Foundation, which supports various children’s charities in Southern California.

Farmar is also faring fairly well in the World Series of Poker, ranking 25th, ahead of such notable names as Phil Hellmuth and Joe Hachem.


Presumably, Farmar will mix in some time to work on his jump shot.

Trivia time

What do former New York Yankees second baseman Bobby Richardson and Jerry West have in common?

Big help, roof

Domed stadiums were created for rainstorms like the one that hit St. Petersburg on Thursday. Tropicana Field has a permanent dome, but that didn’t stop the rain from delaying the Rays’ game against the Toronto Blue Jays.

The Rays were leading, 3-2, in the middle of the seventh inning when the storm knocked out the power to a bank of lights and the game had to be delayed for 20 minutes. When power was restored, the Rays closed out an eventual 3-2 victory.

The Associated Press reported that “weather delays are rare at Tropicana Field.” Rare? Yes, the Rays also had a similar delay earlier this season.

Soccer moms and dads, beware

Former Major League Soccer commissioner Doug Logan has a vision for the ideal soccer crowd, a vision not likely to be shared by many in the league.

“Soccer audiences at their best have got to be a little dangerous,” Logan told the Oregonian. “It’s three guys with a beer cursing at the guy on the field. It’s not a family activity. If you want a family activity, go to the circus.”

Trivia answer

Richardson was named World Series most valuable player for a losing team, the Yankees losing to the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1960. West was named NBA Finals most valuable player for a losing team, as the Lakers lost to the Boston Celtics in 1969.

(Question and answer provided by reader Charles Reilly of Manhattan Beach.)

And finally

Cincinnati Reds Manager Dusty Baker, to the Cincinnati Enquirer, after starter Johnny Cueto got rocked for nine first-inning runs en route to a 22-1 defeat: “They told me he didn’t look good warming up. Sometimes, that doesn’t mean anything. Tonight, it meant something.”