‘Lost’ in a sea of Internet chatter

Brace yourself for the onslaught of talk about: “Lost”

Just one season left, and there are still so many questions! What’s Ben’s endgame? Who’s walking and talking like Locke if Locke’s really dead? Did Juliet reset time when she detonated that bomb? (Tuesday)

But for questions that don’t need answers, we can talk about: “The Sarah Silverman Program”

The official third season set-up of the Comedy Central show: “Laura wants Sarah to ‘man-up’ and start taking responsibilities for her life, so she falsely informs her that she was born a hermaphrodite. Sarah accepts her manhood and decides to move into the woods and live off of the land. Meanwhile, Brian and Steve are haunted by Mr. Jenkins and must dig up his grave and replace the remote that killed him in his corpse’s chest.” Dig in. (Thursday)


Before “Valentine’s Day,” women will want to talk about: “Dear John”

Why? Because Nicholas Sparks has powers. Consider yourselves warned, guys. And don’t forget the tissues for this film. (Friday)

Really? Will we really get to talk about: Lil Wayne’s “Rebirth”?

The rapper’s “rock album” has been pushed back again and again. Hasn’t it been an entire year since we heard its first single, “Prom Queen”? If all stays on track, we’ll get it this week, right before Weezy goes to jail for attempted criminal possession of a weapon. But given the leak online and mixed reviews, he won’t be headed there with a bang. (Tuesday)


At least, we can still talk about: “Finian’s Rainbow”

Despite raves , last year’s revival of the curious 1947 Broadway show -- famously about a pot of gold, one leprechaun, a mute, a racist politician and some heroic tobacco sharecroppers -- closed after just 92 performances. Fortunately, that “Old Devil Moon” as sung by stars Cheyenne Jackson and Kate Baldwin lives on in the cast album. (Tuesday)

Will anyone talk about: “The Michael Vick Project”?

Oh, famous people. Why do they insist that reality TV is the best place to tell their side of the story? After spending 18 months in prison for operating an illegal dogfighting ring, NFL quarterback Michael Vick is hoping that his new BET series will show viewers that he’s learned from his mistakes. Couldn’t playing well for the Eagles accomplish the same thing? (Tuesday)


-- Denise Martin