Edwin Saghian

Consumer Attorneys 2023

Founding Partner
Omega Law Group Injury & Accident Attorneys
Personal Injury

California personal injury attorney Edwin Saghian is a founding partner of Omega Law Group, PC. At a young age, he developed a sense of empathy for those who are taken advantage of undeservedly. It was this sense of justice that led him to pursue a career in personal injury law. Saghian takes each one of his cases personally and makes it his personal mission to right the wrongs his clients have suffered at the hands of negligent actors and their insurance companies.

Saghian believes that the best results are achieved through a trustful relationship with his clients and is committed to personally handling any legal issues that arise. He focuses his practice on personal injury, employment law, class action, wage and hour, breach of contract, harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, and whistleblower violations.