Anton (Tony) Natsis


Partner, Chair of Global Real Estate Group
Allen Matkins
Professional Services Advisors

Tony Natsis frequently serves as lead legal counsel on some of the largest and most high-profile real estate deals on the West Coast and the country. Since early March 2020, he has been one of the leading attorneys and real estate professionals who has been educating the real estate and legal communities through published materials, articles, seminars, published interviews, and group discussions about COVID-19 related real estate and legal issues and has led the fight, through these mediums, against California legislative bill SB939, which eventually died in the Senate. In the past decade, Natsis has closed commercial office leases exceeding 50 million square feet, has worked on real estate purchase contracts with a total consideration of more than $30 billion, on development transactions with a total consideration in excess of $25 billion, and joint venture transactions with a total consideration in excess of $25 billion.