Joseph O. Oltmans II


Chairman Emeritus
Oltmans Construction Co.
General Contractors

Joseph O. Oltmans II, Oltmans Construction Co.’s third-generation leader and chairman emeritus, recently redirected his focus to retirement after 26 years in executive leadership and over 55 years at the company. He began his journey as an Oltmans Construction team member in the early 1950s, when, as a sophomore in high school, he tried his hand at digging ditches and cleaning lumber in the field part-time. In 1964, he began working full-time in the office, picking up plans, running bids, estimating and managing projects, and eventually led the real estate department. He assumed the role of president in 1982, chief executive officer in 1993, and chairman in 2003. During his tenure as CEO and chairman, he was the catalyst in the formation of the Oltmans Foundation non-profit branch of the company to work on projects and activities that strengthen and sustain our local communities.