Malika Jacobs


Founder and CEO

Malika Jacobs founded Kingmakers to promote strong leadership and a solid company culture. The company offers transformative team bonding experiences for business leaders who understand the value of investing in radical employee care. Through facilitation and board gameplay, Kingmakers’ virtual, participant-centered experiences enhance joy, connection, and inclusion. After six years of serving both public and corporate clients, in 2020 Kingmakers shifted its focus exclusively to team leaders addressing challenges of engagement, morale, and wellbeing during a time of profound changes in the workforce.

A priority for Jacobs has been to create a space where people who work for her can work within their values, make an impact on the lives of others, and ultimately bring their full selves to work. It has meant that many people who have worked for her have made huge personal and professional strides and shifts asa result of their time under her mentorship.