Riaz Surti


CEO & Founder

Riaz Surti hails from a Muslim/South Asian background. Diversity and inclusion, therefore, have been front and center for him as he founded a series of businesses in the food space, including his latest venture of 13 years, Hearthy Foods, based in downtown Los Angeles. The source of inspiration for Hearthy Foods was Surti’s mother, who was unable to enjoy Indian staples like roti because of her diabetes. The result was an innovative flour company – Hearthy Foods – that utilizes fruits and vegetables to make flours as a healthier alternative to everyday baking mixes found in major grocery aisles.

At Hearthy Foods, Surti has further ensured a diverse base when hiring and retaining employees. His employees come from diverse religious and ethnic backgrounds – Black, Latino, Arab, Jewish and South Asian. He has created an open and welcoming workplace culture.