Robert K. Ross, MD


President & CEO

Robert K. Ross, M.D. is President and Chief Executive Officer of The California Endowment. Since being appointed in 2000, Dr. Ross has taken the organization to new heights to carry out its mission to expand access to affordable, quality healthcare for underserved individuals and communities in California.

Dr. Ross’ recent efforts have helped bring a spotlight to the health and wellness of young men of color. A leader at the local, regional and national levels, Dr. Ross has strengthened the health ecosystems of Los Angeles and beyond. He is dedicated to provide services to support the health and wellbeing of underserved and minority communities through his work and launched a 10-year statewide commitment investing $1 billion to advance policies and forge partnerships to build healthy communities, with a focus on underserved communities. He also serves on numerous boards that promote health and diversity on regional and national levels.