Anthony Agbasi

DEIA 2022 Headshots

Managing Director

Anthony Agbasi is a leader in advancing inclusion and diversity (I&D) at Accenture and in the Los Angeles community. Soon after starting at Accenture in 2005, he joined the African American Employee Resource Group (ERG) to help promote education, diversity and career advancement for the I&D population at Accenture. He believes that it’s critical to have a process in place of attracting, retaining and advancing diverse talent to keep moving in the right direction. He is now the executive sponsor of Accenture’s SoCal African American ERG and a very active member of Accenture’s SoCal office I&D council. During his time at Accenture, Agbasi has focused on driving empowerment and career advancement opportunities that support I&D, with an emphasis on making sure Accenture is hiring and promoting people of color. He is also helping lead the effort at Accenture to recruit from non-traditional schools that have more diverse populations.