Stephanie Leyva

DEIA 2022 Headshots

Director of Partnerships

As Thematic’s director of partnerships, Stephanie Leyva has nurtured a thriving community of over half a million creators at Thematic and instrumental in their continued growth. A proud Latina and first-generation American, she is determined to share her perspective on women in tech and be a leader in the music and creator economy. To date, she has mentored over 100 students across the world through her first of- its-kind extern program. Levya is excited to be a role model for future generations. Thematic as a company has a female majority board (two-thirds female) and places an emphasis on diversity. It provides a peer-to-peer marketplace for music artists to discover and exchange creative assets and services. It has 500,000 creators in 220 countries, 1.8 million music licenses have been generated, which has driven over 30 billion song plays and 21 million new fans for independent artists.