Finalist: Mark Goldzweig


Executive Director & Associate General Counsel
Kia Motors America
Loyola Law School

Mark Goldzweig is the executive director and associate general counsel serving as the “COO” of the legal department at Kia America. An expert in risk mitigation, legal counsel and strategy, and litigation and regulatory management, he is responsible for the group’s attorneys, paralegals and staff. Goldzweig oversees all U.S. lawsuits involving Kia Motors, including product liability, class action, warranty, employment, business litigation, dealer litigation, and intellectual property. He has directly managed nineteen product liability trials. Of the plaintiff verdicts, one was reversed, one verdict was vacated and one was settled during the appeal. He serves as the lead negotiator for all high-profile cases. Additionally, Goldzweig has managed three class action trials and numerous settlements and is responsible for the management of employment lawsuits.