Honoree: Dawn Haghighi


General Counsel
Murcor Real Estate Services Family of Companies
Case Western Reserve University School of Law

Dawn Haghighi has masterfully and consistently represented the international city of Los Angeles around the globe over the course of her 20+ year career in both professional and community service capacities. She is a successful general counsel with responsibility at public, multi-national, and private corporations. She is an independent board director and a recognized thought leader in cybersecurity, board governance, risk management, and diversity, equity and inclusion. She holds global leadership roles in legal bar, trade, and professional associations and is a community leader and volunteer, which have earned her many awards. Currently, Haghighi is the general counsel, privacy, and compliance officer for the Murcor Real Estate family of companies (minority-owned). In the area of board governance and diversity, equity, and inclusion, Haghighi has been a trailblazer in opening the way for women and underrepresented candidates to serve on corporate boards.

Throughout Haghighi’s numerous service and leadership roles, she is universally respected and known for enthusiastic, active, well-prepared, effective leadership and dedication to helping others and to bring about a more diverse and inclusive world. She has been in-house at both public and private companies for over 15 years and has served in senior executive roles. She currently leads a small law department (which is very diverse) while working as the general counsel for affiliated companies PCV Murcor Real Estate Service (Los Angeles), Hightide Settlement Services (Anaheim) and Vendor Resource Mortgage Services (Dallas). Her in-house career has also encompassed senior management positions with responsibility for legal matters at several multi-national corporations, including assistant general counsel and privacy officer for a cruise line, a bank, an insurance company and a leading retail brand. Throughout her entire life, Haghighi has contributed a significant amount of her time and her talents to many ACC, professional and volunteer organizations. Her commitment and service to the community has been essential to the success of both ACC programs and programs in the wider community which support diversity and inclusion, pro bono and volunteer services. Through her ACC leadership roles, she has raised the visibility of ACC and, more importantly, she has made a difference in promoting diversity and inclusion and volunteerism around the globe.