Finalist: Janna Sidley

Business of Law 2022

General Counsel
Port of Los Angeles
LMU Loyola Law School

Before retiring in February 2022, Janna Sidley served as general counsel for the Port of Los Angeles, where she oversaw all litigation and supervised the attorneys who provide general legal advice to the Port of Los Angeles, Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners, Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority, and Intermodal Container Transfer Facility. Her legal team also drafts contracts, reviews projects and advises the port on property management, marketing, international trade, maritime, fishing, environmental, and railroad operating matters.

In March 2020, as the world faced an unprecedented pandemic, Sidley postponed her retirement to provide legal assistance while the port remained open and operational. Her years of experience in environmental, contracts, employment and regulatory compliance law practices were an invaluable asset to the city and port through this period of uncertainty.