Finalist: Julie Sue Maresca

Business of Law 2022
Photography by Dennis Trantham at Westside Studio
(Dennis Trantham)

EVP, General Counsel
LMU Loyola Law School

Julie S. Maresca started her in-house career in 2003 at MPLC, a copyright licensing company when MPLC was first starting its international expansion into the U.K. Since that time, MPLC grew, forged alliances and joint ventures, and now operates in over 15 countries around the globe. MPLC’s mission has been as a supporter of copyright protection.

Maresca’s background is as a J.D./MDA, having worked in litigation and marketing prior to joining MPLC. The business and law background was the right combination to enable her to grow and lead a company rooted in copyright compliance. The mission of MPLC is to ensure its rights holders’ exclusive public performance rights are protected and applied. Julie feels passionately about supporting the creative community. Over the last two years, she has supported MPLC through legal issues around the globe and received favorable judgments in Denmark and German court cases.