Finalist: Khoi D. Dang

Business of Law 2022
(Khoi Dang)

EVP & Chief Legal Officer
Bank of Southern California, N.A.
Santa Clara University School of Law

As a current senior executive and the chief legal officer of Southern California Bancorp and Bank of Southern California, N.A., Khoi D. Dang brings with him a track record of delivering innovative legal and business solutions based on resourceful strategies. A dedicated community bank attorney with over 15 years’ experience – as a partner-level attorney at both boutique and international law firms – his unique industry perspective, appreciation of risks, and business acumen all come into play on a regular basis as he helps both executive management and boards of directors develop and actuate corporate-wide strategies while maintaining hands-on consultative relationships with individual business units.

Dang has a rare cross-section of professional experiences and competencies - spanning corporate finance, public company representation, mergers and acquisitions, and community banking and financial services. He leveraged these core competencies when he advised First Choice Bancorp on its “go public” strategy in 2018.