Halbert Rasmussen

Business of Law 2022

Scali Rasmussen
LMU Loyola Law School

Halbert Rasmussen is a skilled litigator. Rasmussen has delivered wins for his clients for such matters as franchise disputes, including terminations instituted by manufacturers, complex multi-party claims arising out of dealership buy-sell agreements, and breach of contract matters, among others. He uses his franchise and distribution law skills to help clients meet their goals, avoid litigation, and maintain harmonious relations with their franchisors. He has extensive experience representing car, truck, bus, and motorcycle dealers in most legal issues they face. Rasmussen represents clients in franchise disputes (including New Motor Vehicle Board Protests) and business transactions, such as dealer buy-sells. Rasmussen also defends clients when they are accused of violating regulatory requirements, and helps them with policies and procedures to achieve regulatory compliance. Rasmussen’s experience also extends to negotiating dealer agreements with manufacturers, realty owners, and lenders as well as mergers and acquisitions and consumer and business litigation.