Nominee: Kristin Aoun Weight

Business of Law 2022

Chief Legal Officer
Corcoran Global Living
Chapman University, Fowler School of Law

In a mere eight years, Kristin Aoun Weight has grown from a newly licensed attorney to the appointed chief legal officer of a real estate brokerage with over 150 employees, 2,600 real estate agents, and total sales volume over $10 billion annually. Weight transitioned from the head counsel for a Southern California real estate brokerage following its merger with Corcoran Global Living in December 2020.

As the first in-house legal hire for Corcoran Global Living, which had been founded in February 2020, Weight had the challenging task of establishing the company’s in-house legal department and risk management strategy during the COVID-19 pandemic while the company underwent rapid growth and expansion, and with laws in constant flux. She became a member of the executive team of Corcoran Global Living, constantly advising on risks vs. benefits strategy as the company expanded into other states and underwent roughly 20 mergers in 12 months.