Nominee: Michelle Fang

Business of Law 2022

Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary
UC Berkeley School of Law

Michelle Fang is a technology executive with a proven track record of developing people, disrupting staid industries, scaling teams around the globe, collaborating across functions, and finding creative solutions to complex problems.

When she took over leadership of eBay’s small litigation team in 2007, she spent the next several years scaling the team from six to more than 20 to handle the portfolio of lawsuits from eBay subsidiaries, including PayPal, Skype, Stubhub, and more. Fang became the first legal hire at Turo and the only woman to serve on the Executive Leadership team reporting to the CEO when she joined in June 2015. In addition to quickly building a team of 11 from scratch, she launched the company’s first affinity group for women. Fang has been an impactful voice in the industry, inspiring women to fearlessly step into leadership roles in technology and law.