Sarah Kelly-Kilgore

Business of Law 2022

Los Angeles Managing Partner
Greenberg Gross LLP
Georgetown University Law Center

As the leader of Greenberg Gross LLP’s Los Angeles office, Sarah Kelly-Kilgore has built a reputation as a highly skilled and innovative trial and appellate lawyer with the ability to persuade judges and juries in cases with the highest stakes. Clients have come to know Kilgore for her ingenuity, skill and leadership, with one of the firm’s most high-profile clients praising her as a “Platinum attorney who performs well beyond experience.”

Kelly-Kilgore is co-lead counsel in landmark lawsuits filed for the Trustee of the PG&E Fire Victim Trust to pursue assigned claims against former PG&E vegetation management contractors and major management consulting firms for their responsibility in contributing to the causes of deadly wildfires in Northern California. The Fire Victim Trust will distribute the funds to the 70,000 victims who lost their homes and businesses in the fires. Damages could exceed $750 million.