Bradley S. Wallace

Bradley Wallace

President and Founder
The Wallace Firm

Hundreds of thousands of cases were delayed and interrupted last year, but despite these challenges, Bradley Wallace was still able to secure extraordinary results for his clients. One example is a $2.5 million global settlement against the City of Victorville on behalf of the two children and wife of a man, who suffered a horrific and preventable drowning when he was unexpectedly swept away by flood waters in 2017 after the city did not heed multiple weather warnings regarding the dangerous conditions on Pebble Beach Drive.

Wallace also successfully achieved significant settlements in a number of cases that most would believe were doomed for bleak outcomes. One example stemmed from a file given to Wallace by another attorney with a Post-It Note that read “Potential drop?” He took the case representing the victim, who suffered from a brain injury on a construction site, and secured a $1.1 million settlement.