Finalist: Mauricio Fux

In-house counsel 2023

Senior Executive Vice President & General Counsel
Stanford University Law School

Mauricio Fux has had over 36 years of legal experience and since 1999 acted as general counsel for Curacao, the largest Hispanic-serving retailer on the West Coast, with department store locations in California, Nevada, and Arizona. As senior executive vice president and general counsel for Curacao, he leads all aspects of the company’s legal department in addition to various ventures and investments. He also heads the company’s real estate division, supervising and managing Curacao’s expansion, and acquiring new retail properties, including two locations in San Diego, California and Tucson, Arizona set to open in 2023.

From both a business and legal perspective, Fux has led the company through several rounds of financing, corporate transactions, and growth. In addition, he has been responsible for successfully managing significant and complex litigation. He also has over 20 years of experience in consumer finance and retail.