Julia Haye

2023 Firm Attorneys

Greenberg Glusker LLP
UCLA School of Law

Directly out of law school, Julia Haye began her legal career at Greenberg Glusker, where she has built a practice that encompasses every genre of entertainment and media, including studio and independent motion pictures, television, music, dance, and online and digital media. She has represented Marvel Entertainment in various matters involving intellectual property disputes and profit participation rights, the holder of the rights to The Beatles, the owner of the Friday the 13th movie franchise, and has resolved a complex business partnership dispute involving the remake of “Last House on the Left.” Haye has assisted Greenberg Glusker in building an industry-wide reputation for groundbreaking profit participation litigation.

Through her extensive work in major profit participation cases on behalf of talent, artists, and rights holders, including Marvel and the rights holders to Winnie the Pooh, she has become fluent in the unique language of Hollywood accounting.