Finalist: Natalie Prescott

In-house counsel 2023

General Counsel
Duke University School of Law

Natalie Prescott joined Fulgent Genetics, a public company with well over 1,000 employees, in early 2022 in order to help start and build its legal department. Within six months, she was quickly promoted to GC. Under her leadership, Fulgent completed two significant acquisitions in 2022 and today has numerous subsidiaries under its umbrella.

Prescott quickly hit the ground running, building a brand new department from scratch, with a heavy focus on legal, compliance, and privacy issues. A seasoned litigator, trial lawyer, and certified privacy professional with IAPP and Privacy Law Specialist with the ABA, her legal and privacy skills have proven invaluable in fostering Fulgent’s success and growth. With five direct reports, Prescott oversees a legal team that daily faces cutting- edge legal issues in the most complex areas of law, ranging from compliance to regulatory to cybersecurity and privacy to employment.