Nominee: Michael Speaker

In-house counsel 2023

General Counsel
City National Bank
University of Virginia School of Law

In 2019, Michael Speaker took the reins as general counsel for City National Bank - a company known as the “Bank to the Stars” and one of L.A.’s most important institutions. He has successfully navigated new legal and regulatory waters as the bank has transformed, nearly doubling in size to $95.3 billion in assets from $51 billion when he joined.

Speaker’s Legal and Corporate Administrative Group also has expanded since he took over the team. As City National has grown, the bank has become subject to increased legal and regulatory expectations. The scope and demands of Speaker’s role are very complex, and he plays an instrumental role in helping City National’s parent company, Royal Bank of Canada, navigate its regulatory and legal environment, too. Another business priority he leads is City National’s investments in underserved communities through the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA).