Adam W. Guerrero

CRE Visionaries 2023
(Joe or Mirta Barnet)

Freeman, Freeman & Smiley LLP
Professional Services

Adam Guerrero initially pursued a career as a commercial property manager. However, after graduating from USC, he made the decision to pursue a law career and received a Dean’s Scholarship to Loyola Law School. He has served as dedicated legal counsel for a major U.S.-based global bank, successfully represented a seller in the negotiation and sale of an office campus in Colorado and represented the sale of multiple industrial properties.

Additionally, he has represented landlords in negotiating long-term leases for wireless communication towers. Guerrero’s success can be attributed to his commitment to excellence and his ability to navigate complex deals to meet the needs of all parties involved. His determination and hard work, instilled during his time as a high school water polo player, have aided his legal career.