Chris Hennessy

2022 CRE profiles

Senior Director, West Region Hospitality
Shawmut Design and Construction
General Contractors

Entrenched in the Southern California hospitality industry for more than 16 years, Chris Hennessy has worked on both the client and operations side, leveraging the two experiences to provide an approach to the construction process that not only considers all technical aspects, but the intricacies of the guest experience as well. His intimate understanding of how hotels and restaurants need to flow and operate has made him key in Shawmut Design and Construction’s recent marquee projects.

Hennessy has an unyielding focus on being the best partner to clients, taking a collaborative approach to all projects by looking at plans to identify and troubleshoot any errors or challenges up front to produce the highest quality of work. He has become a master at preconstruction, understanding the importance of constructability and feasibility reviews as early as possible to ensure a project completes on schedule and within budget.