Andy William Anderson

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Banking and Finance 2023

Principal, Head of Entertainment
Faculty Group
Venture Capital

Andy Anderson is a highly respected industry executive known for his focus on innovation and emerging markets. Throughout his career, he has worked as a studio producer on films for major studios such as Marvel, Warner Bros., and Sony. In addition, he has been involved in commercial deals with high-profile actors and musicians, including Robert Downey Jr., Arnold Schwarzenegger, Johnny Depp, Dua Lipa, and Paris Hilton.

Anderson was instrumental in opening up the Chinese market to major studios and A-list talent a decade ago, investing in many U.S. films and Chinese entertainment companies, generating over $250 million in box office sales, and $20 million in commercial partnerships. He also worked with the non-profit U.S.-Asia Institute to give an understanding of the market opportunity and facilitate meaningful working relationships between all parties. Two years ago, Anderson was recruited by Faculty Group, a consortium of web3 companies.