Burke Dempsey

Banking and Finance 2023

EVP, Head of Investment Banking
Wedbush Securities
Investment Banking

As head of Wedbush Securities’ Investment Banking division, Burke Dempsey’s specialty is investment banking for financial institutions and fintech companies. He is a member of Wedbush’s President’s Executive, Underwriting, and Fairness Opinion Committees. During his 37 years of covering financial services, tech, media, and analytics companies, he has executed over 275 publicly announced transactions worth approximately $72 billion. He has helped companies position for and execute watershed mergers and IPOs.

Dempsey’s expansive knowledge of the global financial services landscape has elevated him to a trusted resource across all Wedbush business lines, and in the Los Angeles community where he regularly hosts teach-ins and dinners for local executives discussing new business models and technologies shaping the financial industry. He enjoys serving as a touchstone to both veteran investment bankers as well as mentor those just beginning their career journey in finance.