Jeff Motske

Banking and Finance 2023

CEO & Founder
Trilogy Financial Services
Asset/Investment Management

Jeff Motske has been a financial advisor for his entire career. Through great mentorship and support, he quickly rose into a leadership position before stepping out of his comfort zone and taking the risk to start Trilogy Financial Services in 1999. When he started Trilogy Financial, his vision and purpose was to help financial advisors be better. Now his purpose is to help everyday Americans gain financial independence. Motske believes they are the group of people that often struggle to achieve their financial goals, and he wants to focus and help those that need sound advice.

Motske has led Trilogy to become a nationwide firm with clients from coast to coast. His clients have over $3 billion dollars in brokerage and advisory assets under management, and the team has grown tremendously. He continues to recruit and mentor new talent to the industry.