Author Don Winslow on the border wall: ‘It will do absolutely no good’

Crime novelist Don Winslow sat down to talk about his novel “The Border” and writing in general while attending the L.A. Times Festival of Books

Don Winslow, bestselling author of 13 crime and mystery novels, brought some energy to the Los Angeles Times newsroom at the Festival of Books. In a video interview with The Times, he spoke about politics and the situation at the U.S. border, labeling President Trump’s proposed wall “a ridiculous idea.”

He also revealed something more personal: He has a “Game of Thrones” calendar on his writing desk at home.

In the interview, he also aired his opinion about the U.S. drug policy and even provided some advice for writers: “If you’re a writer, we’re colleagues and you have my respect. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you’re not a writer.”

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