Curt A. Christianssen


EVP Chief Financial Officer
Pacific Mercantile Bank
Commercial Banking

Curt Christianssen has dedicated most of his career working in the banking industry, with a specific focus on community banks. Christianssen is a key member of the management team that turned around Pacific Mercantile Bank, which worked with its strong board to implement and execute its strategy focused on banking medium-sized businesses, designed to help those businesses succeed.

As CFO of Pacific Mercantile Bank, Christianssen has shown to be a dedicated partner with clients during an unprecedented and challenging year serving mediumsized businesses. For example, he led the bank’s efforts to implement a successful SBA Paycheck Protection Program application process within days of the CARES Act passing into law, helping over 700 businesses protect the payroll of 36,000 employees. His passion and commitment to helping companies succeed extended to the PPP Forgiveness phase with his willingness to speak one-on-one with clients to advise them on forgiveness questions specific to each client’s business needs.