J. Christopher Lewis


Managing Director
RLH Equity Partners
Private Equity

Chris Lewis co-founded RLH and led the firm through a multi-decade trajectory of growth and success, developing from a small family office to an institutional private equity group managing assets in excess of $1 billion. Over that period, he has been instrumental in building a distinctive culture based on respect and fairness, shaping the firm’s investment strategy, and growing the firm’s team of full-time investment professionals from one to 14. Under his leadership, RLH has refined and executed a long-term investment focus and strategy that has generated consistently strong returns.

Under Lewis’ stewardship, RLH has enabled numerous entrepreneurs to realize financial and professional dreams, while creating career opportunities and personal growth for many members of the portfolio companies’ teams. Over the course of the past 38 years, he has also served on the boards of more than two dozen RLH portfolio companies and has counseled these companies through critical strategic transitions.