Lloyd Greif


President & CEO
Greif & Co.
Investment Banking

Lloyd Greif is at the top of his game in his field, which is M&A deal-making. A veteran investment banker, this November marks Greif’s 40th anniversary in the field and next year will mark the 30th anniversary of the investment bank Greif & Co., for which he serves as founder, president & CEO. Greif & Co. is a middle-market investment bank that engineers merger & acquisition transactions between $50 million and $2 billion in enterprise value, as well as equity and debt financings in excess of $10 million, exclusively for entrepreneurially owned and operated growth companies – hence Greif & Co.’s trademark as “The Entrepreneur’s Investment Bank.” His extreme work ethic is legendary, going back to the days when he worked the midnight-to-nine “graveyard” shift at a grocery store to pay his way through school at UCLA and USC, working full-time while attending college full-time.