Motorola site crashes amid demand; Moto X Cyber Monday deal postponed


Motorola has had a hard time selling the Moto X since it launched in August, but demand for the smartphone was so high Monday that it crashed the company’s website.

As part of Cyber Monday, Motorola announced that it would offer an off-contract and customizable version of the Moto X for $150 off its regular price.

But once the online shopping day rolled around, Motorola was hit with a surge in traffic that caused the website to crash.


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“We couldn’t fulfill orders. The site became unstable,” the company said in a blog. “While some orders were filled, many customers tried all day to place their orders, unsuccessfully. Customers were left frustrated.”

To fix the situation, Motorola has rescheduled its Cyber Monday sale and will now hold it on two days. The company said it will also double the number of Moto X phones it planned to sell through the Cyber Monday offer. Additionally, Motorola said it has fixed the issue that caused its website to go down.

Customers can get the $349 Cyber Monday price on the Moto X on Wednesday as well as next Monday. The sale will kick off at 9 a.m. PST.

“On behalf of all Motorolans, I apologize for what occurred today,” company CEO Dennis Woodside said in the blog. “I appreciate your understanding as we get this fixed in time for Wednesday and Monday.”

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