United Airlines to offer free movies on Apple iOS devices, laptops


Starting next month, United Airlines will let users watch hundreds of movies and TV shows free on their laptops and Apple iOS mobile devices.

The airline said customers with compatible devices will be able to watch more than 150 movies and nearly 200 TV shows without having to pay any fees.

To watch the free content, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users will have to download the latest version of the United app. The airline said laptop owners will have to download and install a browser plug-in to watch certain types of content. Users will be able to download the app and plug-in at any time during their flight without having to purchase United Wi-Fi, the airline said.


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“Just click on what you’d like to watch. You can start, stop, rewind, pause and switch your movie or TV show anytime,” United Airlines said in a statement. “It’s that simple.”

Users of Android and other mobile operating systems will not be able to watch the content. United Airlines said those platforms are not yet fully supported.

The majority of domestic aircraft will have the necessary equipment installed by the end of 2014, the airline said.


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