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The body that runs the electric grid for most of California has declared a statewide Stage 3 emergency due to excessive heat driving up electricity use and straining the grid.

The coronavirus-related closures hurt many small businesses. But before that, Black-owned businesses already faced hurdles in getting financing.

Beneath the fury over George Floyd’s death lie longstanding economic inequities that have plagued California’s 2.6 million black people.

Hollywood has worked to increase diversity in its lowers ranks. But the top writing jobs in film and TV still largely go to white men.

Americans increased their retail purchases by 1.2% in July, restoring sales to their level before the COVID-19 pandemic erupted in the U.S. in March.

Companies are rushing to test drugs that deliver antibodies to fight the coronavirus right away, without having to train the immune system to make them first.

“We live in a world of financial illiteracy,” says one expert. “We are more open to talking about relationship challenges than we are about money.”

Migrant farm workers across California fear evictions as the coronavirus forces them out of jobs. Without legal status, they have few protections.

In July, Los Angeles County recorded three home sales of $21.5 million or more including a high of $28.5 million.

Actress Joanna Kerns and architect Marc Appleton have sold a Montecito home, which Appleton designed, for $8.35 million.

An unidentified bidder last month set a $100-million base price for the posh Viceroy L’Ermitage Beverly Hills hotel, and no larger bids have emerged.

The Malibu home once owned by former L.A. Times publisher Otis Chandler was sold by Tony Broccoli, whose father produced numerous James Bond films.

Former L.A. Rams star Todd Gurley, who joined the Atlanta Falcons this offseason, is selling his home in Chatsworth for $2.295 million.

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