Baby found several hours after being taken by possible father, police say


A 4-month-old baby was located nearly 12 hours after his mother reported that he had been taken.

Hanford, Calif., police said that Westley Williams, 42, took Ameliano Marshea Jesus Sanchez on Monday at 9 p.m. without permission from the baby’s residence in Hanford. According to police, the mother of the child had left the house at the time of the incident. She told police that Williams might be the father of the baby.

Williams called Hanford police to ask about his parental rights. Williams was told to return the child to the police station, but failed to do so, police say.

Williams and the infant were located around 8 a.m. Tuesday in the nearby town of Lemoore. The suspect was taken into police custody and faces possible kidnapping charges. It’s unclear whether Williams has been confirmed as the baby’s father. Police said that Williams is currently homeless.

Police did not issue an Amber Alert for the missing child, sparking criticism and questions on social media. Hanford police said that the baby was not believed to have been in danger, a key requirement for the California Highway Patrol alert system.