LAPD goes on tactical alert as it gears up for election night

Los Angeles police officers wearing white gloves walk in file
The Los Angeles Police Department, as expected, announced a tactical alert for election night, a move that allows more officers to be available citywide.
(Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times)

The Los Angeles Police Department announced it was going on tactical alert Tuesday afternoon, an expected move that comes as law enforcement is on guard for any unrest or other issues related to the election.

Police stressed they have no intelligence suggesting problems but want to be prepared. The alert allows more officers to be available.


LAPD Chief Michel Moore said staffing had been boosted and staggered, and the department will have significant numbers of officers on duty well into election night and beyond, both to facilitate peaceful protests and to watch out for intimidation, violence or destruction.

Moore said nearly every uniformed officer would work a 12-hour shift on election day, and officers will have a visible presence across the city all week. He pledged immediate action to restore order if disturbances were to unfold.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and other law enforcement agencies are also planning similar deployments.

In this historic year of plague, fire and unrest in California, the notion that the United States electoral process could devolve into disarray and violence has cranked up the anxiety even more.

Officials have been concerned about protests or other events on election night. The championship victories of both the Lakers and Dodgers sparked celebrations in the streets last month. Although most were peaceful, in downtown L.A., there were dozens of arrests and clashes between police and the public.