L.A. prosecutors decline to pursue gun, domestic abuse claims against Larry Elder

Larry Elder
Citing the statute of limitations, prosecutors ruled out charges against Larry Elder, shown at a campaign event in Woodland Hills last week.
(Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times)

Los Angeles prosecutors have declined to pursue a criminal complaint against Larry Elder for allegations of brandishing a gun and domestic abuse, in a 6-year-old case related to statements made by his former fiancée.

With a one-year statute of limitations for misdemeanor cases, a spokesman for the district attorney said Friday that prosecutors were not in a position to prosecute the accusations made by Alexandra Datig, who split with Elder in 2015.

Datig said she had been told that the L.A. city attorney’s office also would not continue an investigation because of the time that had elapsed. Neither office ruled on the substance of her allegations, but said their findings would be rendered moot because the alleged incidents occurred six years ago or more.

Datig, 51, said in prior interviews with the media that, during a 2015 argument about the couple’s breakup, Elder checked to see whether his .45-caliber revolver was loaded. She also told Los Angeles detectives that the longtime talk radio show host pushed her in 2014, in what she called a fit of “drug-induced anger.” She alleged Elder, 69, was a habitual marijuana user.

“From the beginning, Larry has said that he will stay focused on the issues that animated over 1.7 million Californians to petition for a recall of Gavin Newsom,” Elder’s campaign said in a statement that went on to list a series of grievances against the governor, whose fate will be determined in the Sept. 14 recall election.


Elder is leading dozens of other contenders who hope to replace Newsom if he is rejected by voters in the first question on the ballot.

Datig said she understood when she filed her complaint with police that the chances of a criminal filing were small because of the time constraints. But she said she “felt compelled to report the allegations as a matter of record” because of Elder’s denials.

She opposes his candidacy for governor and is supporting Kevin Faulconer, a former mayor of San Diego.