Your guide to California’s 2022 primary election

A voter drops off her ballot during a drive-thru ballot drop-off in Riverside.
(Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times)

The state primary election is on June 7 in California.

The ballot will have candidates for U.S. Senate, governor, state senator, attorney general, U.S. representative in Congress, local races and more. In Los Angeles, voters will decide on mayor, city controller, city attorney and City Council seats.

The Los Angeles Times’ editorial board has endorsements in many of the races on the ballot. This page will be updated with more information.

Here’s what you need to know.


How and where to vote

Ballots are now being sent to every registered voter. So who’s running for what? What to do with that ballot sitting in your mailbox? And what to do if there isn’t one in there?


When is California’s 2022 primary election? Here’s how to register and how to cast a ballot in the state primary election.

How do you check whether you’re registered to vote? How do you register? Where can you find a voter guide on other local L.A. races? How do you return your mail-in ballot or vote in person?

To cast a ballot in this year’s primary election, voters must register by May 23. To register online, visit:

Applications can also be found at public libraries, some post offices and government offices.


Who are the candidates running for L.A. mayor? Where do candidates stand on issues like homelessness, crime and Ukraine? Here’s what you need to know.


Recommendations from the L.A. Times Editorial Board

To help voters choose, the Times editorial page publishes endorsements based on candidate interviews and independent reporting. Every registered voter will be mailed a ballot in early May, giving people ample time to read up on the candidates, tune in to a forum, consider endorsements, including ours, and make a decision before the last day of voting on June 7. (The editorial board is a team of opinion writers and editors and does its work separately from news reporters and editors, the latter of whom have no input in the endorsement process.)

Voters should elect Newsom to another term and hold him accountable for turning his progressive vision into reality.

Rob Bonta’s tenure as California attorney general has been brief but solid. He deserves a full four-year term.

Levine stands out as the candidate who will best look out for consumers and the planet.

California needs a fiscal watchdog who is independent from the party in power.

Here are the L.A. Times’ editorial board endorsements for elected offices in Los Angeles city and county, LAUSD, superior court, statewide offices, the state legislature and U.S. House and Senate seats.


Follow state and congressional races


California’s 2022 primary election ballot includes races for governor, attorney general, the Legislature and Congress, as well as local contests.


Follow local L.A. races


What are the issues?


Our columnists weigh in

Three statewide races this year will test Democrats’ hegemony and the relevance of California’s open primary.

Lanhee Chen has the best chance of any Republican in many years to capture a statewide office in Democrat-dominant California, columnist George Skelton writes.


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