6th Street Viaduct closed for third consecutive night due to ‘questionable activity’

People on the 6th Street Viaduct on foot and on scooters
The 6th Street Viaduct was closed Sunday for a third night in a row due to what the Los Angeles Police Department characterized as “questionable activity.’’

For the third consecutive night, the Los Angeles Police Department said on Twitter that it was forced to shut down the 6th Street Viaduct, saying it was due to “questionable activity.”

An LAPD spokesperson on Monday could not confirm the specifics of what took place Sunday that caused the bridge to be closed again.

The 3,500-foot bridge that connects Boyle Heights to downtown Los Angeles has been open to traffic for just two weeks, but it’s quickly become a popular spot for street takeovers, illegal racing, dangerous stunts and vandalism.

On Friday, a driver rear-ended a pickup truck that was illegally parked in a “no parking” zone on the bridge, leading to several people being escorted off the bridge by police. Within two hours of the bridge reopening, about 200 people gathered for a street takeover, with some spectators climbing over safety barriers trying to catch a better view from the top of the bridge’s arches.

City officials hope the new 6th St. Viaduct will be a venerable icon like the Golden Gate. But Los Angeles has a way of spinning its own stories.

July 18, 2022


On Saturday, the bridge was closed off again after more than 250 people gathered at the viaduct the night before for a street takeover, which ended in violence and vandalism.

“Unfortunately, we’ve entered another evening where the 6th St Viaduct had to be closed due to illegal activity,” read a tweet from LAPD’s Central Area Division. “The day began with community residents holding signs in the middle of the bridge to ‘RESPECT THE BRIDGE.’ Let’s listen!”

In a statement last week, Eastside Councilman Kevin de Leon said the city is looking into adding cameras on the bridge in an attempt to identify those participating in street takeovers and other illegal activity there.